Fabulous Fun and Earth Friendly

Fantastical is pertaining to fantasy- "suggests a wild lack of restraint, a fancifulness so extreme as to lose touch with reality" (dictionary.com).   
Designing chairs combines  several passions for me;  
     *creating a home that is a joyful, interesting reflection of its' owner
     * rescuing and breathing new life into a well made piece of furniture
     *freeing  friends of the earth and  those with chemical sensitivities from a world of boring furniture!

Whether you are searching for a simple tufted velvet chair in a color you just can't find elsewhere or a wildly crazy piece that speaks to your personal passions, a chair from Fantastical Findings will be a one of a kind focal point in your home.  Look through the furniture ready for you now or view a piece  that has already sold and let's talk about how to recreate it with your preferences in mind.   

The Friendly Furniture section contains pieces created with all organic or sustainable materials.  However, all furniture from Fantastical Findings is created with a conscience for the earth and its' people.
     *chair frames are rescued and repaired
     *horse hair and coil springs are washed and reused whenever possible
     *organic cotton batting  and humanely sourced wool comes from our PNW neighbors at Natural Felt
     *every chair is completely disassembled, repaired where necessary and built back up again to ensure a sturdy and long lasting piece
     *when foam is desired, only natural organic latex foam will be used
     *Organic cotton or sustainable hemp and linen fabrics are used often for outer upholstery and even more often for the inner construction of the chair
     *Other fabrics such as denim or leather may be recycled pieces that have lost their usefulness  in their first life
     *All painted frames are done in Dixie Belle products with no VOCs
     *Every item possible in the workshop -from garbage bags to gloves is biodegradable, recycled or compostable  

I am happy to detail exactly what materials have gone into a particular chair or work with you to create a chair you can feel good about and will make you feel good!